I know Freek as one of the brightest, most hands on, tax planner and international tax counsel I have come to work with. This guy really knows what he is talking about and saves you a lot of (tax) money

- Tom Ensink

Fees, terms & conditions

Fee arrangements
We are willing to make fee arrangements, including fixed fees and fees that depend partly on success, for practically all types of projects.

Hourly rates
Our rates per hour vary from 250 to 375 euros (excl. VAT), depending on the nature of the work and the partner involved.

No ‘office expenses’
Many other Dutch firms charge ‘ office expenses’ (often 4-6%) on top of the hourly rates. SNELCORPORATE TAX + LAW does not. Disbursements are expenses incurred on your behalf. However, we do not charge small standard costs, including travelling within The Netherlands.

Cooperative UA
SNEL CORPORATE TAX + LAW  is a cooperative firm with limited liability. The members are legal persons.

SNEL corporate CORPORATE TAX + LAW has professional liability insurance. Upon first written request the coverage and conditions will be disclosed for free.

General Terms & Conditions
SNEL Corporate Tax + Law uses General Terms & Conditions. Upon request we mail you a copy or you can download a copy.