Freek is an entrepreneurial tax lawyer who seeks for the best business solutions for his clients. It is a pleasure to work with him. He also teaches tax law at the highest level in the Netherlands and he does that with vigor.

- Frank van ‘t Geloof

About us

SNEL Corporate Tax + Law works for a select group of clients. We assist with complex fiscal subjects.

For our international clients we manage a complete project or execute parts of it, mostly concerning our European specialties as cross border structuring, participation exemption (Dutch Holding Structure), private equity and real property funds.

Specializing is a trend

When we manage a complete project, we contract external specialists, if needed.
We feel that choosing for executing with specialists only, is the best way to serve our clients in the specializing world we live in.

Track record

We have obtained many advance tax rulings for our clients, not only for holdings but also for finance companies, trading companies and license companies.

All our tax and fiscal specialists have worked for renowned firms. They publish and give lectures regularly. Some of the publications and lectures are in English and Spanish.

Freek Snel

Freek Snel on LinkedIn

Dr. F.P.J. (Freek) Snel (Amsterdam 1967) has a master in Dutch law and tax law from Maastricht University. Later he completed European Fiscal Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

In 2005 he defended his PhD thesis‘ Van moeders en dochters’ (on parents and subsidiaries), at the University of Amsterdam.

He started in 1994 as tax advisor with Loyens & Volkmaars. In 1997 and 1998 he worked on an exchange basis with Cuatrecasas in Barcelona, Spain. In 2008 he moved to Houthoff Buruma, Amsterdam.

He founded SNEL CORPORATE TAX + LAW in 2011.

He is editor of the online encyclopedia NDFR – international tax and dividend withholding tax.
He lectures corporate taxation at Groningen University and European tax law at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. He regularly gives other lectures and is the author of over 40 articles on various tax subjects.

He is member of Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs (Dutch tax bar), de Vereniging voor Belastingwetenschap (Dutch tax science asociation) en de Vereniging voor Internationaal Belastingrecht (Dutch IFA branche).

Freek Snel speaks Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese. He enjoys painting, sculpting, reading and visiting museums. He is member of honour of Circumflex, a Maastricht student fraternity.

Sarig Shalhav

Sarig Shalhav on LinkedIn

Sarig ShalhavSarig Shalhav (1973) is tax lawyer, is specialized in all aspects of international tax structuring for multinationals and the private equity industry as tax counsel in M&A, corporate restructuring, and structured finance transactions, with special focus on Israel, US, UK, and Dutch multinational groups. Sarig also has extensive experience with fund formation and carried interest structuring. Sarig is partner at Shalhav Tax & Law as frp, 2013 and Off Counsel to Snel Corporate tax & Law as from 2014.

Sarig is a member of the Netherlands Order of Tax Advisors (NOB), Israel Bar Association, the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and the EVCA. He is a frequent speaker at seminars on the tax aspects of leveraged buyouts and carried interest planning and has written various articles on fiscal topics.

Sarig holds a Master in International Tax Law (University of Leiden, 2001), a Masters in International business law (University of Amsterdam, 1995) and a LLB Suma Cum Lauda (University of Manchester, 1994)

He is fluent in Dutch, English and Hebrew

Lucas Scheelings

Lucas Scheelings

Studies Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. He works part time as a paralegal at Snel CTL since 2021.








Fees, terms & conditions

Fee arrangements
We are willing to make fee arrangements, including fixed fees and fees that depend partly on success, for practically all types of projects.

Hourly rates
Our rates per hour vary from 250 to 375 euros (excl. VAT), depending on the nature of the work and the partner involved.

No ‘office expenses’
Many other Dutch firms charge ‘ office expenses’ (often 4-6%) on top of the hourly rates. SNEL Corporate Tax + Law does not. Disbursements are expenses incurred on your behalf. However, we do not charge small standard costs, including travelling within The Netherlands.

Cooperative UA
SNEL Corporate Tax + Law  is a cooperative firm with limited liability. The members are legal persons.

SNEL Corporate Tax + Law has professional liability insurance. Upon first written request the coverage and conditions will be disclosed for free.

General Terms & Conditions
SNEL Corporate Tax + Law uses General Terms & Conditions. Upon request we mail you a copy or you can download a copy.

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