Freek is an entrepreneurial tax lawyer who seeks for the best business solutions for his clients. It is a pleasure to work with him. He also teaches tax law at the highest level in the Netherlands and he does that with vigor.

- Frank van ‘t Geloof


Freek Snel worked on more than 40 publications. You can contact us for a copy if a subject is of any interest to you.

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Freek Snel regularly gives lectures on actual fiscal subjects. You can contact us if you are interested to attend.
Insituto de Empresa (Madrid) – Master programme European tax law – lecture on impact of case law ECJ on Dutch tax law, annually as from 2005.
IFA meeting Dutch and USA branches – panel credit vs exemption – August 2008.
Associação Fiscal Portuguesa (Portugese IFA branche) – treatment of intragroup interest – May 2009.
Universidad der País Vasco – curso de verano – Dutch ruling practice – June 2011.