Freek is an entrepreneurial tax lawyer who seeks for the best business solutions for his clients. It is a pleasure to work with him. He also teaches tax law at the highest level in the Netherlands and he does that with vigor.

- Frank van ‘t Geloof


Our clients are entrepreneurs and investors.

That implies that we advise on and assist in the implementation of:
● the tax opportunities and risks concerning the tax efficient structuring of your business, investment or assets;
● tax consequences of business and investment decisions;
● optimal handling and structuring of equity.

Tax and legal specializations never stand alone

To be strong in our specialties, we have the necessary in-house knowledge about corporation tax, dividend and European& international tax law. Issues around the transportation of assets such as income tax and transfer tax we master also.

Entrepeneurs, investors en professionals will find that SNEL Corporate Tax + Law is a party that carefully and optimally can handle equity and assets.


We can assist you with your compliance. This includes preparation of tax returns and other forms and formalities.

Fixed fee

As a result of our experience and our co-entrepreneurship, we are able to give almost all advice en execute almost all implementations for a predetermined fee.